What is Snoring And Why Should I Care?

snoringmanSnoring is a common condition that impacts millions worldwide. It occurs when airflow through the nose and mouth is obstructed. Often seen as harmless, snoring can develop into abrasive and life-threatening conditions, like obstructive sleep apnea, which can lead to heart strain, chronic headaches, and obesity. It further can be disruptive to relationship health, and can interrupt valuable sleep necessary to our physical and mental health, as well as our daytime productivity.

What can I do to control my snoring condition?

Seeking medical advice should be the first consideration in tackling a snoring condition, The purpose of a medical visit is to determine whether or not the condition is in the nasal cavity or throat. Depending on the previous diagnosis, there are various different devices that can help with your condition, both medically and over the counter. Unfortunately, many are invasive, uncomfortable, or ineffective. An important note is that all devices take some time to get used to, even the effective ones. Typically a few sessions of use should be enough, and the minor initial discomfort is well worth the bliss of the uninterrupted and healthy sleep that follows. For a nasal snorer, a chin strap device that forces air down the nasal passages is often the most effective. There are also specially designed nasal plug devices that keep nose open to allow air flow without any collapsing to varying effect. For a throat snorer, there is are highly effective devices, like AveoTSD, that hold the tongue in place to prevent airway obstruction are the best options. One type doesn’t always work for all, but finding the best anti snoring device that work is vitally important.

Descriptions and costs of various devices:

It is important to understand that cost should never be a consideration when it comes to health. Luckily, snoring devices have a range in effectiveness and price. Here is a list of devices by condition, prince, and effectiveness:

For nasal snorers, the most common devices are nasal cones and nasal strips. These both have a common function of keeping the nasal passages open. If the problem is merely related to the collapsing of the nasal passageways, then these are likely to work. If an alternative reason for snoring is present, then more expensive options like the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine might be necessary.

  • The cost of nasal trips run at about 12$ for a pack of 26 strips, and therefore a smart option to test out.
  • Nasal cones are a little more expensive, averaging at 22$ for pack of a two. Nasal cones claim to be more effective then strips, but success varies among individual users.
  • The most expensive and final common option is the CPAP machine. These average between 800-900$, but can cost upwards of 3000$. This final option is likely to be used only in extreme cases of obstructive sleep apnea.

AveoTSDFor throat snorers, typical devices are AveoTSD, as well as the CPAP machine. The AveoTSD is the ideal option: it’s a safe device that simply holds the tongue in suspension. Application is easy, although it can take several days for the tongue to get used to the device. However, once the initial period passes, the device has been reported to be unparalleled in comfort and success. In fact, the AveoTSD is so successful, that it is rapidly replacing the necessity for a CPAP machine in some apnea cases. However, the CPAP machine is still ideal for extreme cases of obstructive sleep apnea.

  • The AveoTSD is a safe and cost-effective item that runs at at approximately 130$. This product is ideal from mild cases of snoring to accelerated cases.

Other ways that can help to combat snoring, which are recommended in conjunction with device use, are as follows:

  • Abstaining from alcohol consumption
  • Experimenting with sleep positions
  • Losing weight, as it can be a contributor to the closing of air passages
  • Proper hydration

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