New Sleep Apnea Devices

Sleep apnea is a very intrusive condition, and can, in some cases, be life threatening. There are new sleep apnea devices available, but it is helpful to fist know about the condition first.

What is Apnea?

aveotsdpackageApnea occurs when the soft tissues and muscles in the throat relax, blocking the airway. This cuts off oxygen flow and results in an apnea event. Since sleep is one of the main components that assures we are healthy and alert during the day, those who think they are suffering from an apnea condition should seek medical advice right away. This is because sleep apnea sufferers experience interruptive symptoms like morning headaches, loud snoring while sleeping, tiredness while driving (falling asleep at the wheel has been known to happen), lack of energy, morning sore throat, and general sleepiness and low-energy. All of these previous symptoms can negatively affect our productivity during the day, and sequentially impact the health of our relationships and work ethic. There are a few new sleep apnea devices that can treat an apnea condition, as well as established ones. Here’s a full review of quality products to help you manage it.

There are two different areas where an obstruction can occur, in the nasal passages, or the throat. It is important to visit your doctor to figure out the exact place of obstruction. This is because sleep apnea devices are designed specifically to the area of obstruction. In short, there are devices designed for those who experience obstruction of the nasal passages, and for those who experience obstruction of the throat.

What options are available?

Luckily, new sleep apnea devices are constantly being developed and improved, so there is a variety of available products for all price ranges. However, in order to assure that you get the right product, there are a few things we recommend:

  • See your doctor to determine where the targeted area of obstruction is
  • Discuss devices with your doctor to find an appropriate option for your condition
  • Keep an open mind!

The last point is especially important to remember. Apnea devices tend to take some getting used to, which may take up to one or two weeks. Each case varies, but to push through the initial discomfort to assure the upkeep of your health and livelihood is a small price to pay.

Three of the most successful and effective, doctor recommended, options for apnea conditions:

  • AveoTSD
  • The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (CPAP)
  • Inspire Therapy

First, let’s take a look at the AveoTSD

aveoTSD-400The AveoTSD is a potential option for those who suffer from an apnea condition where the obstruction occurs in the throat. This doctor approved device is made of safe material, and boasts quality and comfort. The device acts by holding the tongue in suspension, preventing its blockage of the throat. This device is so effective, that in some cases AveoTSD is replacing the need for the CPAP machine. Even better, it’s an affordable, running at about 130$. Compared to the CPAP machine that can cost thousands, it is no wonder this device is popular. Note that because the device holds the tongue in suspension, it takes a few sessions to get used to. But, after the initial discomfort, the device is unparalleled in comfort and success.


  • Affordability
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • High rate of success


  • Temporary discomfort

Next, we take a look at the coveted CPAP machine, a successful option for extreme cases

Full_face_cpap_maskThe CPAP machine is typically recommended in extreme cases of obstructive sleep apnea. It acts by providing steady air pressure to prevent the targeted passageway from closing through a specially designed face mask. Choosing a face mask is something that should be discussed with your doctor, as there are different size face masks, and finding one that fits properly is important. Any improper size may adversely impact the pressure due to leakage, and may prove ineffective. The CPAP machine has proven itself a successful candidate for treating sleep apnea cases. However, with a price of an average 800-900 dollars, it may not be suitable for all persons.Furthermore, there are a few problems with the CPAP machine that should be addressed:

  • Forced air takes some getting used to. Having air forced down the targeted passageway may take some time to become comfortable, and is a known complaint.
  • Dry mouth or nose. Users of the CPAP machine also complain of experiencing dry nose or mouth after overnight use. This isn’t a health concern, but it can be a nuisance.
  • Feeling claustrophobic. This is caused by the facial mask, and would concern those specifically who suffer from throat obstruction. Try muscle relaxation exercises to reduce the anxiety, or talk to a doctor to find another solution.

There are pros though!

  • Effectiveness; once the user gets passed the unpleasantries, the CPAP machine is almost guaranteed in its success.
  • Durability; a quality CPAP machine has a long usage life, and will likely not have to be replaced.

And last but not least, Inspire Therapy:

inspiretherapyInspire Therapy is a great option for those who don’t find success with AveoTSD or the CPAP machine. This is because Inspire Therapy involves an operation involving the implantation of a breathing sensor, stimulation lead, and small battery, via three incisions below the skin of the neck and chest. This monitors the user’s breathing, and stimulates the soft tissue and tongue to prevent an obstruction of the airway. As with any new therapy, your insurance for the product is reviewed on a patient by patient basis, so the costs can vary. If this is an option you are considering, a doctor’s consultation appointment is necessary.


  • It is both FDA approved and clinically designated as an effective tool for the treatment of apnea cases.
  • The device is operated by remote, and is easy to operate and control.
  • No face masks or obtrusive initial discomfort


  • Health insurance is required
  • Operations can be costly, unwanted, inconvenient, or unnecessary
  • The battery will likely need to be replaced eventually