Best Natural Sleep Aid

Sleeping-girlA lack of sleep can be debilitating, and day-ruining. Most importantly, it can affect our productivity at work and our relationships. In cases where sleep deprivation is frequent, finding the best natural sleep aid may be necessary to remedy the lack of sleep and assure your health and productivity remains high.

What is the best natural sleep aid?

There are four most common causes of sleep-loss, that provide the best options to deal with sleep deprivation. There are numerous reasons for sleep loss, so it is important to determine the contributing factor(s) in order to find the right sleep aid for you. There are four major reasons for sleep loss:

    1. High activity before bed, such as exercise, caffeine consumption, or sugar consumption.
    2. Pain attributed to things like injury, growing pains, and aches.
    3. Time-zone change
    4. Insomnia invoked by such things like depression and, or, anxiety.

The good news is that all of these four common factors for sleep deprivation can be remedied by natural sleep aids. However, there are efforts beyond merely taking a suppository that can further help in the curing of the deprivation. These vary in effectiveness depending on the cause of the sleep deprivation.

You might be asking yourself “great, now I have to take a sleep aid to rid me off sleep loss?” Not necessarily, depending on which category you find yourself falling under, a sleep aid may only be needed temporarily, or on an irregular basis. For example, those who think they might fall into the first category, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I been exercising within two hours prior to sleep?
  • Have I been exercising too intensely?
  • Have I consumed caffeine or sugar before sleep?

All of these can be contributing factors to sleep deprivation. If you identify yourself with any of the three prior examples mentioned, totally curing or limiting the need for sleep aids can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Finish exercise at least 3 hours before bed, or incorporate your workouts into your morning routine.
  • Cut off all consumption of caffeine and sugars at least 3 hours before bed.

Engaging in these tips suggested may cure your sleep deprivation entirely, or reduce it enough that sleep aids are only needed every so often. However, for all cases relating to pain, and, or, insomnia, we recommend that a natural sleep aid be used.

Option for Natural Sleep Aids


There are several sleep aid options for those who fall under these two categories, as well as some additional efforts you can do to help reduce symptoms and get your life back on track. But, it is worth noting that there are substance and appropriate usage factors that will be discussed below. The options for the best sleeping aids range from common allopathic options, and extend to include more naturopathic options. So really, there is something for everyone to choose from.

The first of recommendable natural sleep aids are as follows:

  • Advil Nuit
  • Nytol
  • Gravol
  • Sleep-eze
  • Unisom

What is shared by all of these products is that they contain benadryl, that is typically used as an antihistamine to counteract allergic reactions, and induces tiredness. All of these options are acceptable choices to remedy the four mentioned contributing factors to sleep deprivation, with minimal harm to the body. However, it is important to read the instructions on the package thoroughly, and take note of the “recommended usage” for extended periods of time. The only effect that may be considered harmful, is the fact that routine-usage may cause the brain to associate sleep with the medication, which results in one being unable to sleep without it. However this is not an exclusive side-effect, and only happens in some instances – it is merely a case “mind over matter”. For those experiencing sleep loss as a result of pain, Advil Nuit has a painkilling attribute that also helps reduce pain.

The next set of recommendable sleep aids are just as as effective has the first options, however differ in substance and appropriate use. Such notable products are:

  • Midnite PM
  • Melatonin
  • Melatonin-3
  • Bed-time

The common sleep-inducing substance that is shared by each of these products is melatonin, a substance found in plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. Although melatonin for medical uses is typically extracted from plants and fungi. This substance, like benadryl, induces tiredness, and is recommended for those who have irregular shifts or suffer from time-zone change. This is because, melatonin, in animals, is typically released with the onset of darkness, when it is time to sleep.

If you have an irregular shift and find yourself having to sleep during the day, the chemical reaction that releases melatonin is likely not occurring, and therefore a product containing melatonin is recommended as an effective and appropriate sleep aid. Note, this substance is not recommended for people with insomnia. While there have been some recorded cases of melatonin helping to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with depression, those who suffer from insomnia are usually not experiencing a deficiency in melatonin.

The last set of sleep aids consists of naturopathic options, which are also popular options for remedying sleep deprivation. Popular products known are:

  • Jamieson – Relax and Sleep
  • Sleep Plus
  • Rescue Sleep
  • Traditional Medicinals – Organic Nighty Night tea

These last set of options contain products considered by many to be the best option for long-term use, however vary in effectiveness. Each option uses a variety of different substances. For Traditional Medicinals, passiflora incarnata, a flower from Italy, is used and claimed to cause tiredness and relaxation. Whereas Jamieson’s Relax and Sleep uses a herbal combination of hops, passion flower, valerian and catnip that claims to similarly relax the individual and cause tiredness.

It is recommended that, if your sleep deprivation is severe, that the natural options mentioned in the first category are used. However, even in severe cases these options have had positive long-term effects, and are worth a try, as the effect on the body is minimal; however, like the first category of products, a mental connection inhibiting sleep after prolonged-use may occur. Again, this situation only occurs in some cases, and is one reduced to mind over matter that will pass in time.